• MSBayesPro: Bayesian protein identification algorithm for LC-MS/MS proteomics experiment.
  • DQmodel: Improved peptide detectability prediction with protein quantity considered.
  • TopRanker: Statistical evaluation of peptide identification from search engines, coming soon.
  • peptide ionization rate predictor, coming soon.

  • Trivia

  • Learning monotonic functions with neural network (available upon request)
  • Protein two sequence alignment
  • GraphWalker: it is a Perl script using graphviz plus gifsicle to animate breadth first expansion over a graph. Below is a animation produced by the program. The code can be download here.
  • E.coli gene finder using frequency model
  • HNF4a binding site prediction using 1st order permutated Markov model
  • Protein secondary structure prediction

  • Email: yonli(at)umail.iu.edu