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A fish cannot comprehend the existence of water. He is too deeply immersed in it.

          - Sir Oliver Lodge


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Computational Biology: PLoS CB, Bioinformatics, JCB, MSB, Biostatistics, RECOMB, ISMB
Computational Proteomics: JPR AC, MCP, ASMS
Machine Learning: JMLR, Machine Learning, NIPS, ICML, COLT, ECML
Evolution: GR, MBE, Evolution
Other: Nature, Science, Cell, Computational Neuroscience Journals

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  • Department of Biology, Department of Statistics, Bioinformatics IUB, CGB
  • Haixu Tang, Predrag Radivojac, Mattew Hahn, Yuzhen Ye
  • Science Special Collections, Books24x7, Netlib, Springer, NAP, Book list
  • OCW, Videolectures, Web of Stories
  • Research Channel, ISI, IF, Journals
  • Physlink, Quantum computation and Complexity, SEP, what is soul?,
  • MSDN
  • Pronunciation Guide to Mathematicians
  • Comparing C, MATLAB, and python, sage, XML Sucks
  • Yoda translator; Chatting with Fake Kirk
  • Tao Te Ching, People
  • Informatics Career

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