Welcome to GlycoFragwork

GlycoFragwork analyzes multiple pre-aligned LC-MS/MS datasets, and reports a list (termed as a 'glycomap') of identified intact glycopeptides with their mass, elution time and abundance

Currently, it can be executed on Windows XP, Vista, 7 with .net framework 2.0 installed.


2013.03.23 First release version to public. NEW!!


Advisor: Haixu Tang
Email: hatang at indiana.edu

Anoop Mayampurath
Email: anmmayam at indiana.edu

Chuan-Yih Yu 
Email: chuyu at indiana.edu

Current Version

Version 0.9



This work is supported by NSF grant DBI-0642897, 1R01GM093322-03 and a student fellowship from Persistent Systems.