Peptide detectability predictor from Proteome ARTworks

The current demo version handles no more than 100 proteins, and will predict the detectabilities for LC/Ion-Trap MS only.

Input a name for your job: (optional)
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Upload file (in FASTA format). Multiple (at most 100) proteins are allowed to be input through one file. See an example here.
A example of the output file is here.

Reference: H. Tang, R. J. Arnold, P. Alves, Z. Xun, D. E. Clemmer, M. V. Novotny, J. P. Reilly and P. Radivojac, A computational approach toward label-free protein quantification using predicted peptide detectability. ISMB (Supplement of Bioinformatics) 2006: 481-488

Features used for the prediction can be found here.

Please contact Haixu Tang for questions and comments.